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Want to Join Greendale

There are many benefits to being a member of Greendale.  

One of the best, is being part of a unique community of member retailers, all of whom happily share their wealth of knowledge within the group.  You're guaranteed a warm welcome.

Find out more about all the benefits of the group in the sections below

Member Benefits

Here are just a few reasons

  • Lower prices due to stockholding rolls. These prices are passed onto the member.
  • We are a member owned cooperative, so work as a 'not for profit' organisation for the benefit of those member retailers
  • All members own a share of the business and as such have access to the warehouse stock and all the other benefits below
  • Members have an exclusive territory, to protect the Greendale brand from price cutting
  • Greendale members can have their own bespoke branded point of sale, meaning their name and brand is the focus of their store
  • Alternatively, the member can use the strong Greendale brand and ranges throughout their store to promote within their exclusive territory
  • All the UK and Continental top selling ranges are available under the Greendale label, where we change the name and the colour name to ensure total protection
  • Marketing and business support is available to all members, from a simple printing template for their own branded labels to finance options and legal advice through BIRA (included in membership)
  • Only Greendale have a dedicated customer service support team within our offices. Why chase up suppliers on issues, when we can do that work for you?
  • Greendale have accounts with all of the UK's leading suppliers, so you can gain access to virtually any carpet you can think of, even if you don't have an account with them
  • All orders are processed through our Head Office, offering members the opportunity to pay just one account (Greendale), whilst we pay the suppliers
  • Greendale hold a supplier event on a regular basis. These events have become the talk of the trade with venues such as Mercedes Benz World, West Midlands Safari Park and our most recent at the world famous Morgan Motor Factory in Malvern/Stanbrook Abbey. 

Shares In Greendale

Greendale is a member owned cooperative. This means every member of Greendale has a stake in it. The company is run as 'not for profit', so any money we make is put straight back into the business for the benefit of the members.

We are here to make money for our members, not from them.

Exclusive Area

At Greendale, we believe that the member retailers should control their own business and we are here to strengthen that independence by providing support and working towards obtaining better prices and benefits.

Each member is allocated an exclusive geographical area, so that they can feel confident to promote themselves and the Greendale brand with the full protection that exclusivity brings.

Bespoke Point Of Sale

When a member joins Greendale they are given an option of new bespoke Point of Sale in either full Greendale branding or with their own named branding.

This point of sale is among the most stylish and fits in well with other leading suppliers units. These units are supplied at cost price, complimenting the ethos of the cooperative of 'not for profit'.

Own Label Ranges

Greendale were the first carpet buying group to offer own label ranges and although we have often been imitated, we have never been matched, let alone surpassed.

We take all the leading UK and Continental suppliers ranges and rebrand them using our own range name. We then change the suppliers colour name to ensure complete protection from internet shoppers or those looking to use your store as a point of reference.

So effective has our rebranding been, that 90% of our members tell us it's the number 1 benefit of being a Greendale member.

More protection means better prices, better margins and better profits.

Marketing & Business Support

Greendale provide extensive marketing and business support through it's dedicated and knowledgeable staff.  We also host an online portal where members can access all data regarding Greendale ranges, download promotional images, create price tickets and posters and find other invaluable resources.

How To Join

With all the amazing benefits that membership brings we're not surprised that you want to join the best buying group within the UK.

To find out more, please call 01432 852000 or email or contact us by completing the form below;

Greendale is a not-for-profit, member owned cooperative, run for the members

We make money for our members, not from them

At Greendale, we believe in giving the member the best prices up front, rather than hiding behind potential rebates

Industry Leading Prices

How do we get our prices so low for our members?

Simple, we have had over 60 years' experience and 60 year-long relationships with virtually all the UK and Continental suppliers. We stock from nearly all of them and this bulk buying means we can offer the lowest prices to our members.

Remember, we are a member owned cooperative, with a 'not for profit' ethos, so our own margin is there to cover our overheads.

We make money for our members, not from them.

All Bills In One Place

At Greendale, we offer all of our members the opportunity to place their orders with us. For those ranges where we are not carrying stock, we will place the order with the supplier and arrange delivery direct to you.

As we have accounts with all the leading suppliers, we pay each of them and you simply pay one account, Greendale.

Of course, all members are free to place those orders direct themselves, we simply just want to make life easier for our members.

Only Greendale offer this service which includes a dedicated sales team and customer service support

Dedicated Sales Office & Customer Service

Being a member of Greendale and buying your carpet through us ensures you have full access to our sales team. This sales team is dedicated only to our members, ensuring their full support at all times.

Should anything go wrong with an order or after fitting, we also have a customer service team in place, that has been dealing with our suppliers for years, which means we can get through to the right people straight away. We are here to solve your problems.

We also have a team of Sales Agents in the field, who will call on you during the year to talk about new ranges and an experienced team of inspectors, who are able to assist you with any in situ inspections that may need to be done.

Whatever your issue, Greendale have solutions at hand

Our Own Purpose-Built Warehouse

In 1998, Greendale decided that to continue to offer its members the best prices, it would need to buy in even more quantity and that meant full rolls of carpet.

A site was sourced, just outside of Hereford, and work began on our purpose-built warehouse and offices. In 2000, we opened Greendale House and had the ability to purchase in bulk. Such was our success, that by 2012, the warehouse was extended to a capacity of up to 2,800 rolls of carpet.

No other buying group in the UK offers this kind of buying power and the benefits that go with it; lower price for bulk buying, stock exclusively for use of Greendale members, on-site customer service personnel, full cutting and sample service.

At Greendale, we believe in giving our members the very best prices up front, rather than hiding behind potential rebates.

Better prices, better margins, better profits.

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To find out more, please call 01432 852000 or email or contact us by completing the form below;

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